Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boo! :D

Spooky incidents happen to alot of people. It must have happened to you too!

I've always wanted to write about these three spooky incidents that took place in my life - but never got the chance to do so.. Since today is Holloween, I am in a mood to share these inexplainable events with you all!!


This incident took place years when I was in school.. My friend and his family had taken me and bro for a picnic.

On returning back home, my friend wanted to drop us till our flat. My friend and bro decided to take the elevator while I took the stairs. The minute I turned towards the stairs, something just told me that they would get stuck in the elevator...It happened out of the blue!I turned back towards them and warned them not to use the elevator.

But they laughed at me.. and stepped into the lift.

I took the stairs to the third floor. When I reached my flat, I realised they didn't show up... I was worried. I waited for another few minutes and still they didn't show up! I knew there was something wrong..I quickly ran to the elevator on my floor and heard them screaming in the lift.

They were stuck!

I knew what I had to do next. I informed the neighbours about it and they called the watchman to open the door. My friend and my brother was stuck in the elevator for 20 minutes.They apologised for not having listened to me...


This year, when my parents and I went to India, a creepy incident took place in Goa..
We were all fast asleep in the same room. All of a sudden, I began sweating profusely despite the fact that there was an air-conditioner in the room!

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face.When I returned back, a terrible pain hit me in the stomach.. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep. I walked around in the room till the pain went away.. and then returned back to bed.Again, I was hit by that same stomach pain.. this time it was worse!

Just as I was about to get up from bed, sparks of fire started coming out from the air-conditioner. I woke my dad and he turned it off. My pain vanished away.. and I slept well!

Could this be a co-incidence or what?! Or did I get this pain just to stay awake until something went wrong with air-conditioner? All I can say is that whatever woke me up and kept me awake that night, helped me save my family from a terrible disaster.


Every year, my school organises a Carnival where people of all ages come to have fun and spend good time. The carnival is also a place where we can make new friends and meet the old ones too.

Years ago, I'd dreamt about the Carnival just few weeks before it could take place... In my dream, I met a friend at the carnival who had not been talking to me for so many months. Strangely, this meeting took place at night...

On the Carnival day, I met this friend exactly in the same way and same place that I'd seen in my dream. The only difference was that this meeting took place during the day.I was so shocked to see my friend that day... The same person who had been avoiding to talk to me or even reply to my emails, came to see me with a sweet smile on his face... I couldn't believe my eyes..!! I just ran away from that place and didn't even say a "HI" to him..!

I lost the golden chance of being his friend again.. SOB!


There have been quite a few more spooky events that took place in my life.. Some of them have no scientific explaination. You may call them a miracle, co-incidence or even fiction!! It's your wish...

Now it's your turn! If you have a true spooky incident that took place in your life, go ahead and let me know!

You can use the comment box or write the event in your blog. The most spookiest tale will be included in the next post with a link back to the author's blog. No word limit, your entry can even be one paragraph long!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mall Frenzy

Eid holidays were around.. It was the best time, we, friends could think of planning a day out together.. Far away from home...

We thought about various places.. like the beaches (Nah! Too boring.. Not much to do there!), theme parks (Entry fee was too expensive during Eid), towers and even this remote Island that has a lot of ancient archeological stuff...

But, we finally settled down for Al-Kout Mall, which I feel, is one of the best malls in the country. Not many know of this beautiful place. Few residents of the area and foreigners do flock to this mall just to beat the summer heat.

The mall has a variety of departmental stores, cinema, famous chains of restaurants and a beach nearby.

Planning a trip to the mall was not quite easy.. All my friends - Suzan, Nilo, DA and Mona came over to my place first. And from there we took a rented van to the mall.

[In the van. L to R : Suzan, Nilo and DA]

It took us nearly 45 minutes ( sans traffic jams ) to reach Al-Kout. When we were finally there, we are like small kids..curious to explore new places and stuff! LOL!

Without wasting any time, we decided to watch a movie first. But which one?? We had a nice look at the movie listings and were confused.

Open Season or Snakes on a Plane?

Since all of us have reached 18, with only DA being the odd one out (She is still 17!!) - we decided to watch S.O.A.P!!!! Why choose a kiddo movie like Open Season?

[Inside the theatre. The movie has not started yet.]

The movie was really nice.

[Suzan having 'snakes'.. aah.. I mean SNACKS!]

After the snacks, we went about roaming around the whole mall.

[L to R : Suzana, Me, Nilo, Mona, DA]

Then came the best part.. LUNCH TIME!!! I'd to literally tell my friends not to pounce on those poor little pizzas as I wanted to take pictures before we could eat them.

By the time we finished eating, we were KHALAAASS!! I ate too much that my stomach began aching. So we went for a walk to the beach.

[Finding sea shells. L to R :Suzan, Nilo, Mona, DA, Me]

We had fun the whole day and returned back at 6:45pm.

Here are some more photos that you can have a look at ..

[Left : Al Kout Mall during the day Notice the fountain in the middle. RIGHT : Al-Kout Mall during the night]

[Left : A palace.. No dumbo! It's a fish market within the mall - no smell, no dirty wastes and fully air-conditioned. RIGHT: Inside the mall.]

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Celebrations at home

October has been an auspicious month. Firstly, my cousin brother got a baby boy ... and now my cousin sister got married.

For the past few weeks I have been busy preparing myself for the wedding. And now it's over.

The "Ross" Ceremony

Two days before the wedding, the "Ross" took place. It's similar to the "Haldi" ceremony. But instead of turmeric, we used milk and eggs.

Everything was perfect... until the bride's friends came along!!! Perhaps they couldn't bear seeing her look so beautiful with the milk and egg yolk all over face. So they poured something more on her... LIKE?!!

More milk.. More eggs.. Coconut powder, BBQ sauce, Chocolate syrup, Ketchup, non alcoholic Beer and blah blah blah!! A perfect recipe for a tangy chocolate cake Like as if this was not enough...The guys went one step forward and broke the eggs in their own ishtyle.. All the 'taklu's came forward, placed an egg on the girl's head and broke it with their coconut-like head. LOL!

At the end, when everything was over..one of the chweetie kids present there, began to cry on seeing the bride. She looked more like a marinated lamb ready to be roasted

The Wedding Day

In the morning, everybody was at the parlour..including kids! One particular little boy had a very cute hairstyle done, with the initials of the wedding couple carved on it. Now it is very important that you look good on the wedding day, after all a video shooting always takes place

This was the day I was waiting for, sooo eagerly... Why??

Well, I'd brought this beautiful grey gown with a pair of beautiful silver slippers to match with. Weeks before the wedding, I began working out intensively at the gym and dieted religiously..just to look fabulous in the gown!

And on the D-day, I looked like a princess in it... People kept looking at me throughout the reception! I guess, my hard work paid off

Now coming back to the wedding..

First there was the blessings session, followed by the nuptial at the church.

The reception party was delayed by two hours.. but once it started, the party was a blast!

I was sitting with my parents and cousin sister.. when suddenly the Host announced that the Wedding March would start. My cousin brother took my cousin sister for the march.
Poor me! I was sitting all alone.. My dad was too tired to take me for the march

Just then, Mrs. X's son came to our table, extended his right hand towards me and took me to the dance floor. I did the wedding march for the first time in my life. And you know what.. this is also the first wedding I've been to!! Mrs. X's son was my dance partner for the evening. Ha!

This was my first time.. I never tried Waltz before. I confessed to Mrs. X's son that I didn't know how to dance. But all he said was,

"Even I don't know to dance well. Just keep moving your feet. The last time I'd danced with a girl, I'd dropped her down.. Don't worry! This will not happen again"

I kept praying till the end of the dance, to be not the next victim!!

Then came my fav. part - THE FOOD!!

Everything from Biryani, Manchurian, Gravies, Mixed Grill and more were there for the main course. The salads were an absolute delight.
Deserts were fabulous too.

We left early and couldn't make it to the end of the reception party as it got over by 3:30am.


It is a custom that on the second day of the marriage, the groom's family is invited to the bride's house ['sasural'] for a session of prayers and dinner. The dinner took place at a restaurant.
The bride and the groom looked so cute!! She was wearing a gorgeous red saari and he was wearing a sherwani.

The party couldn't get over without some little music. So we danced on famous Goan numbers. Mrs. X's son was there again...

We had formed a circle ...Each guy had to pick a girl from the group and dance with her in the middle of the circle. Mrs. X's son was looking at me all the time.. and when his turn came, he chose me Everyone was cheering us when we began to dance

It was fun altogether. This dinner got over at 2:00am.





Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Desi Ghee Ka Kamal


Pictures of Sanya when she first came into my house. At that time, she was so frail and weak...I thought she wouldn't survive for too long.


1st Picture : Sanya playing with her favorite red bouncy ball.
2nd Picture : Sanya watching Cartoon Network. She is so much like me!!

Sanya has changed alot... from the scrawny little kitten, she has grown stronger and fatter now!
Long live Amul!!