Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boo! :D

Spooky incidents happen to alot of people. It must have happened to you too!

I've always wanted to write about these three spooky incidents that took place in my life - but never got the chance to do so.. Since today is Holloween, I am in a mood to share these inexplainable events with you all!!


This incident took place years when I was in school.. My friend and his family had taken me and bro for a picnic.

On returning back home, my friend wanted to drop us till our flat. My friend and bro decided to take the elevator while I took the stairs. The minute I turned towards the stairs, something just told me that they would get stuck in the elevator...It happened out of the blue!I turned back towards them and warned them not to use the elevator.

But they laughed at me.. and stepped into the lift.

I took the stairs to the third floor. When I reached my flat, I realised they didn't show up... I was worried. I waited for another few minutes and still they didn't show up! I knew there was something wrong..I quickly ran to the elevator on my floor and heard them screaming in the lift.

They were stuck!

I knew what I had to do next. I informed the neighbours about it and they called the watchman to open the door. My friend and my brother was stuck in the elevator for 20 minutes.They apologised for not having listened to me...


This year, when my parents and I went to India, a creepy incident took place in Goa..
We were all fast asleep in the same room. All of a sudden, I began sweating profusely despite the fact that there was an air-conditioner in the room!

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face.When I returned back, a terrible pain hit me in the stomach.. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep. I walked around in the room till the pain went away.. and then returned back to bed.Again, I was hit by that same stomach pain.. this time it was worse!

Just as I was about to get up from bed, sparks of fire started coming out from the air-conditioner. I woke my dad and he turned it off. My pain vanished away.. and I slept well!

Could this be a co-incidence or what?! Or did I get this pain just to stay awake until something went wrong with air-conditioner? All I can say is that whatever woke me up and kept me awake that night, helped me save my family from a terrible disaster.


Every year, my school organises a Carnival where people of all ages come to have fun and spend good time. The carnival is also a place where we can make new friends and meet the old ones too.

Years ago, I'd dreamt about the Carnival just few weeks before it could take place... In my dream, I met a friend at the carnival who had not been talking to me for so many months. Strangely, this meeting took place at night...

On the Carnival day, I met this friend exactly in the same way and same place that I'd seen in my dream. The only difference was that this meeting took place during the day.I was so shocked to see my friend that day... The same person who had been avoiding to talk to me or even reply to my emails, came to see me with a sweet smile on his face... I couldn't believe my eyes..!! I just ran away from that place and didn't even say a "HI" to him..!

I lost the golden chance of being his friend again.. SOB!


There have been quite a few more spooky events that took place in my life.. Some of them have no scientific explaination. You may call them a miracle, co-incidence or even fiction!! It's your wish...

Now it's your turn! If you have a true spooky incident that took place in your life, go ahead and let me know!

You can use the comment box or write the event in your blog. The most spookiest tale will be included in the next post with a link back to the author's blog. No word limit, your entry can even be one paragraph long!